Flexfer is a tool that you, as an organisation, can use to make your own application that allows you to gather, organise and process data. You decide what will be usable within the application and you can easily connect it with other data software programs. This way you have everything for your administration in one single place.


What can Flexfer do for you?

As an organisation you already know exactly what you need for your administration, you might just not have the staff and/or means for it. Flexfer can help with that. Thanks to a simple drag and drop system, you can choose the elements that you need in the application. You don’t need to know how to program yourself, you simply build the application by selecting the building blocks you want. Additionally, you can connect other data programs that you’ve already been using to your self-made application. Below we’ll show some examples.

You decide how much you pay

Again in our licences model you control what you will use and what not. Flexfer offers three standard packages, which can be expanded with extra modules. You can buy these modules with ‘Flexies’.

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